Gettin on my soapbox….

So this is not art related but something I think is important to share……. I volunteer for a rescue. I volunteer for papillon rescue. They were, and still are looking for more foster homes. I shared on Facebook all the info to my personal page and my public page for animals in need called GimpyContinue reading “Gettin on my soapbox….”


Frank (now named Jett in his adopted home), what can I say about this sweet little boy……. My former foster now forever staring in his portrait for me to oogle over!! Not sure if I would even sell this one to his new mommy yet! I just love it and of course the subject matterContinue reading “Frank”

Helping out one animal at a time with my donations.

I create art therefore I donate……………. I always put away 10% of all my sales to help animals in need. I try and keep to my key 5 rescues that I work with, but if I hear or read about an animal in need outside my 5, I will do what I can with whatContinue reading “Helping out one animal at a time with my donations.”

Yea sure! Add something else on my plate! ;)

I am one of those people who like to do everything creative! My brain swirls with ideas! I can’t sit still and have to be doing something whether it be sewing up some new bag designs, creating some t shirt art design to even cooking! Now I have added another fun thing which I haveContinue reading “Yea sure! Add something else on my plate! ;)”

Selling more than sewing patterns!!!

I have updated my ETSY page to include my dog leash designs for my product line for pets under “Gimpy Pets“. Which I will have available very soon. I ordered my first production run!! Yeah!!!!! I created a cartoon of my old doggie that I adopted named Detective Tinkerton who is my mascot for GimpyContinue reading “Selling more than sewing patterns!!!”