Get a T shirt and help out some disabled and senior pets in need!!!

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So today get a discount on of 30% OFF of any T-Shirts and more!

Please check out my page and get a great holiday gift that keeps on giving. With your purchase 100% of our sales proceeds go to help disabled and senior animals in need!!

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Tis the season to give the gift of care to a sickly rescued animal in need!!!




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Volunteering is a great way to help out people and animals in need!

I have been wanting to do some of that myself since I have the time now that crafting is done for the year! Finished with all my Holiday Craft Bazaars! So done selling my wares to helping out where I can! I always donate part of my sales to Gimpy Pets then I can donate to any animal that is needing some money for their medical needs and more. My last donation went to One Dog Rescue  to a cute little muffin named Marshmellow!

I did a search online for volunteering in Santa Cruz where I live. If you type in your town and the word volunteer, I am sure there is an organization that has a list of things you can do.

I clicked on the local volunteering pages “Events” section to see what I could do for this Holiday Season. I want to do something for the SPCA here. They have an adoption center in our local shopping mall. They need volunteers for their gift wrapping and for help around their storefront. Just waiting to hear back from someone on what is available to do for them.

Not only will I volunteer during the Holidays…….I plan on doing it all year long when I have free time when work is slow!

If you can do this too!!!! Then please check online for your local Volunteer Organization and see what you can do to help out! It’s a rewarding way to give the gift of your time and your skills to all that can use it!! :)



PLEASE, PLEASE, Please help me get at least 1000 votes to get a write up in Bark magazine for Gimpy pets and win food for shelter animals by going to this link and voting for “My Gimpy Pets” on page 1 or page 2. Let’s get me to the top of page 1 and win!


Time to promote my Zazzle page again!!!

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I have been designing up some animal rescue shirts as well as some cute dog graphics that I created of my sweet pets. Need to get one of my Tripod Kitty and the head shot of my Finnie boy! I market and sell them on my Zazzle page. I give 100% of my proceeds to local animal shelters. Lots of sweet little animals in need and looking for homes! Help out if you can by adopting or fostering an animal!!!

I added recently my T-Shirt design. I will create some different ones but started with this to promote my site!!!!

Check them out!!! 🙂

It’s never fun to lose a pet………

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With a heavy heart I have to post that my old Dog Detective Tinkerton passed away today. His short time with us was a joy as well as challenging at times. He had a funny chicken like bark and wobbled when he walked. He followed me all over the house when he could. Or would do his “patrols” about the house. Stop to bark and then move on. He was a special needs little guy with loads of personality and a zest to thrive. In the end it was not his heart or head that stopped him, but his lack of use of his legs possibly due to severe nerve issues or just gave out due to his age. He had a mass in his belly that was growing and that could have been the culprit as well. We will never know exactly since he was too old for surgery and was in our hospice care.

We adopted him November 23 2010 from a shelter in San Francisco called Muttville. They rescue senior pets, foster them out and re-home them to loving families. I have never experienced such dedication as these women. They do a fantastic thing for animals would have surely never gotten another chance due to their advanced age.

If you can, please donate to their cause. It’s a great one!


Detective Tinkerton you rule!!!!!!