New Sewing Pattern!

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I just whipped up the “Crafty Pack” sewing pattern. I will be finishing up the pattern soon. Need the cover image and to proof it and then I will post it to my ETSY page. This pattern just like my others is available in PDF format for $8.

You can buy this fabric in any weight material on my Spoonflower page.
BUY The Detective Tinkerton fabric here!

Being a craft show vendor and a pet show vendor with my Gimpy Pet products, It’s nice to have everything on hand. And when a show is super busy with tons of customers, you don’t want to be worried where your stuff is. You want to make that sale and move on to the next. I hate to make my customers wait. I know they want to pay for their stuff and move onto the next booth!

This is also a useful pack to wear for anyone in the service industry! Waitresses and or Waiters, Show coordinators, Wedding coordinators, etc…… LOADS of people can use this item!

It’s features include:

2 open rear pockets. One for your cellphone and the other to put your money pouch in for when you doing craft fairs! Got to keep your cash safe and keep it with you at all times. I don’ t like using the cash boxes. You have to always monitor where it is. And if you have to take a potty break, you either take it with you, have a friend or show mate keep an eye on it or hide it and hope no one has seen where you had put it!!

Front features are:

Two pen or pencil slots, one open top pocket for your business cards. Easy access to hand them out without digging for them. And then the roomy center pocket with a velco flap closure. Good for all your catch all items like small scissors, calculator, notes, clips, etc……..

The tie for securing around your waste is a easy wide shoe lace. You can get them super cheap at most shoe stores. I like them better than using a ribbon which can come undone and then your Craft Pack is around your feet! Shoe laces tied tight stay put!!!

Buy a T shirt- Save a dog in need!

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If you go to my Zazzle page and buy any of my products, I will be donating all my proceeds to in San Francisco!!!!

Help save a Senior dog in need. Muttville does great things!! You can also go to their website and donate a gift of money to help out if you don’t want a T shirt!!!

It’s never fun to lose a pet………

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With a heavy heart I have to post that my old Dog Detective Tinkerton passed away today. His short time with us was a joy as well as challenging at times. He had a funny chicken like bark and wobbled when he walked. He followed me all over the house when he could. Or would do his “patrols” about the house. Stop to bark and then move on. He was a special needs little guy with loads of personality and a zest to thrive. In the end it was not his heart or head that stopped him, but his lack of use of his legs possibly due to severe nerve issues or just gave out due to his age. He had a mass in his belly that was growing and that could have been the culprit as well. We will never know exactly since he was too old for surgery and was in our hospice care.

We adopted him November 23 2010 from a shelter in San Francisco called Muttville. They rescue senior pets, foster them out and re-home them to loving families. I have never experienced such dedication as these women. They do a fantastic thing for animals would have surely never gotten another chance due to their advanced age.

If you can, please donate to their cause. It’s a great one!


Detective Tinkerton you rule!!!!!!

what’s NEW?

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SO I started back on some IPAD cases. I had made very few in the past when I first got my IPAD. Now will be cutting some out to sell. Have one so far posted on my ETSY page for sale for $28.








Have also been having fun in Illustrator practicing on some Graphic Design. Got to get back into it! This is an illustration of my elderly dog Detective Tinkerton. You can buy this on a T shirt or other product on my Zazzle page!


Rescue a Senior Pet!


I adopted a senior pet from a woman in San Francisco who has an organization called Muttville. ( Sherri Franklin rescues, find fosters and adopts out these older dogs that would otherwise be put down due to being old. Some dogs are healthy and some have lots of problems like the one I adopted. I adopted a (we are guessing 17 years old) male Papillon. He is blind, deaf, has minimal teeth, some internal disorders and walks pretty stiff and falls allot. So pretty much a train wreck! BUT….even after all that is wrong he is super happy! Loves to snuggle and cruise around the house and yes plays! He does a little Happy Dance. We just love him. He was abandoned and left to die. If it was not for Sherri’s organization, Dectective Tinkerton would have been put down. We have made him a Facebook page since everyone that works with Sherri just loved him and wants to know how he is doing. He has 85 Facebook friends so far!
Sherri has inspired me to put the word out to adopt a senior pet. I have already heard of a few people i know who did go out and adopt an older cat or dog! Sherri is a hard worker and so are her volunteer foster people. She lives in San Francisco and does this out of her home! A complete mad house full of dogs that you can tell are so thankful. I hope you can check out her website and learn more about her story! 🙂