Psssssttttt, hey bub…………….want some art?!!

I now have prints of my “Farm Series” paintings available on my ETSY page!!!!    (Or if your local just “ring a ding” me!!) If your interested, just go to the link below and check out the paintings! I am selling my prints for $70 and they are a high quality digital prints with overall dimensionsContinue reading “Psssssttttt, hey bub…………….want some art?!!”

What to do with scraps.

This is what you do with scrap crafty supplies. Make a deranged bunny! I made the body with a wool blend fabric. Ears and tummy out of a fat quarter. Felt for face and yarn to trim it all out! Making a cigar to put in his mouth now! Let’s see what you come upContinue reading “What to do with scraps.”

Sunday fun Day! Make a stuffed animal!

There are allot of free patterns out there for making stuffed animals. I found this website that has a bunch of free ones to choose from. < Make one and post it on my Facebook page for Mackerilla Brand Handbags! :)/p>

Interesting magazine I just read

Have you ever heard of the magazine called “Mary Jane’s Farm” ? Me neither!!!! My friend brought it over the other day to show me some sewing ideas in it. It’s a cool organic lifestyle magazine that has articles on how to make interesting dishes to eat, how to guide on crafty ideas and homeContinue reading “Interesting magazine I just read”