Something old, something new made into something super cool!

Found some coffee sacks at an antique fair a few months back. Thought they would make some cool large carry all bags! But with just a few sacks I can only make some prototypes at.the moment. Will be searching for more sacks! :)


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2015 and ready for more work!!!

So I just finished up another painting and currently working on one and about 50% done ! Just received another deposit for another painting and I am ready to take on more custom painting orders!!! So if your interested, please contact me!!! :)

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Merry Christmas!


Have a fantastic  and safe Christmas everyone!

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Please help if you can!

Something near and dear to my heart! I am asking everyone help if they can. Either by donating or sharing this info to everyone!

So there is a group on Facebook that has started a page called the Hazelbaker papillon fundraiser to help generate donations to help rescue 40+ papillons.


The dogs owner needs to sell them for personal and financial reasons. Selling them for auction is what she is doing to generate the money she needs. But unfortunately at the cost of the dogs potentially bad futures by possibly being bought by some bad people. Of course we can hope there will be some bidders with great intentions for the dogs. But from what I have learned from others, not always the dogs luck for a good new life after being bought at one of these auctions.

This group on Facebook is dedicated to raising funds to save the 40 + HAZELBAKER Papillons that are up for auction in OK, USA. These dogs at auction can possibly end up becoming breeder dogs in puppymills.

So many papillon rescue organizations such as are pulling together their resources to bid on these dogs and rescue them. I have learned a few of these women are already on their way to Oklahoma which is super awesome!!! :)

If they are successful, they will be needing many foster homes. But right now they need money. Lots of money by the 5th of December. So only a matter of a few days.

I don’t normally ask for help to donate. But papillons are in my heart and I can not see these dogs or any dogs be put into a life of being a breeder dog. Puppy mills need to be shut down all over the world. There are so many great responsible breeders out there and NEVER EVER buy a pet from a pet store. They are likely from a puppy mill…………….

If you can donate please visit their fund raising page here:

Or you can bid on these items up for auction:

If you want to be a foster?! Click here:

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Busy bee!

Whew! Tis the season to cram it all in artistically! 
Besides getting my Santa Cruz Bagworks bags done for a few websites, getting my sewing patterns all loaded to another online retailer, I am working on 5! Yes 5 paintings right now! 3 small ones that are commissioned pieces and 2 for me to build up my portfolio for applying to Open Studios in 2015!


Oh yea! I also forgot I have to get a few clothing items  all sewn up!
Tis the season to keep it movin! :)

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Little leather newbie- card wallet

So here is an update to the first card wallet I have been selling. No sewing on this one!

Just one piece of leather cut out and then added all the rivets and stud. Then last, I added a wrapped piece of leather which you can slide your belt through and be hands free!! Since the brass Sam Browne button is sturdy and closes tight, you won’t have to worry about your stuff falling out!!! :)


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The Mutha Trucker Wallet finalized!

OK! Here it is in a cool reddish leather that (which I like) gets scratchy and distressed from use!

Nice leather with metal accents. Short trucker leather leash instead of a chain. Just long enough to clip to your belt loop or loop through it and clip back onto the round attached ring. Branded inside and out with my Santa Cruz Bagworks logo!!!

Solid brass Sam Browne button closures and just the right amount of compartment for some cards and bills. Not too much to make it bulky and not to over fill!

I will have this in a nice lighter brown, this reddish/brown and will be seeking out some other colors!!

muther trucker1 muther trucker2 muther trucker3 muther trucker4 muther trucker5 muther trucker6 muther trucker7 muther trucker8

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New Wallet

Just created this little leather trucker wallet for the boyz!



Calling it The Muther Trucker Wallet! ;)  Will have nice brass closures and pocket for your $ and slots for your cards and id!
Plus a short leather leash instead of a chain! Still working  out the price on this baby!

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Tattoos are art!!!!

So while perusing the internet for tattoo ideas (for my next or should I say, my second tattoo) I came across so many wonderful pieces of artwork permanently inked onto the skin. I am amazed by some with their detail and others with their vivid colors.

I found that there are tattoos called “Watercolor Tattoos”. Many are visually stunning, very creative and just plain amazing!!! Yes, yes!!! This style is what I am now interested in my next tat! But it must have a purposeful meaning before it can be inked my personal canvas

Being an artist myself, I appreciate the precision and detail of some tattoos out their. I am not a huge fan of the old school type artwork. Though amazing, not something I want added to my body. I really found some great artists that you all need to check out!

Sasha-Unisex-Tattoo-Colorful-Tattoo-8Sasha Unisex is a tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. I was blown away by her use of color and lack of black outlined tattoo work. So pretty and her shading is perfect from what I can tell in the photos. I WANT!!!!!! :)

klaim-05Then I found this style, Stencil and Watercolor Tattoos.   Also crazy amazing! I like the combination of the text with the artwork.

If you just Google Watercolor tattoos, you will find pages and pages of amazing artwork and inspiration! I know I am amazed and inspired!!! :)

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So gotta make some $ for a dog cart!

candy peeking

Our Candy girl has a damaged front leg from her former home. We assume she was abused by some of her behaviors when we first adopted her,  poor thing :( . Been with us for over 3 years now and is doing great! But her front damaged leg causes her to hop on her good front leg. Well after many years of hopping, she is getting pretty arthritic and is hurting more and more and is now needing some assistance to walk. She is fine around the house and we pick her up off the couch and the bed so she does not jump. We also have pet stairs for her and our other little senior dogs and cats with disabilities.

We have her on lots of glucosamine as well as other joint type suppliments. But have decided to save up for a front wheel cart. She loves to go for walkies but can only handle a going past a few houses now before she gets sore and tired. She has been trying to walk on her shorter damaged leg too instead of hopping like a bunny. The bad leg has no real strength and the elbow joint is all bundled up into a mess with a pin that is basically floating under her muscle and starting push against her muscle and skin. OUCH! For sure! Vet’s are watching it and will decide if she needs the pin to be removed.

This is the type of cart we need for Candy!

This is the type of cart we need for Candy!

We need to raise $500 for a custom cart for Candy. So we are asking all our fans if you can to check out our ETSY sites and see if there is anything you would like to purchase?! We are trying to sell as many of our items to raise money for Candy’s cart! If your into sewing, we have great sewing patterns of my handbag designs on my Mackerilla ETSY page. Or if your a pet fan, have some leashes, t shirts and other items on our Gimpy Pets ETSY page.

Please help if you can! You can also donate to Gimpy Pets too if you would like to help!

Here are our items and shops! :)

ETSY Mackerilla Design

ETSY Gimpy Pets

We thank you and Candy thanks you too!!! :)



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