For my Homeware and accessory items with my artwork on them. Follow this link!

Greeting Cards
moooo cow
little goat
crabby rooster

PRINTS OF ARTWORK as well as other items I create can be purchased on my ETSY page!

View art here! Artmajeur janice serilla

Art on T Shirts-You can purchase my artwork on Tank tops and T’s here!

Get a Smirky Cat Art Tshirt here

get your mona ad.jpg

and  ……Check it out!

I have another Facebook page called Gimpy Pets.

I currently have 4 disabled pets.  Back in 2010 I had rescued Detective Tinkerton. A very old little fella who thrived happily with us during his last 4 months of life. I had taken him in as a hospice situation from He inspired me to start Gimpy Pets to promote the positive light in caring for disabled and senior animals!


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